Our Services - Drug Detection

Canine Search Teams

PVA Canine Services is able to meet all of your on-site detector dog needs.  We design and execute canine searches based upon our years of law enforcement canine detector dog experience. We are able to provide service to all clients including:

Industrial Clients,
Oil & Gas, Manufacturing and Transportation

  • Personal Camp Rooms
  • Site Orientation Classes & Personal Effects Search
  • Common areas (TV rooms, laundry facilities, games rooms
  • Work Ares – Lunchrooms/lockers/changerooms
  • Outdoor Grounds
  • Security Access Points - persons and baggage
  • Vehicles (interior and exterior) – designated parking lots
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Personal Baggage
  • Large transportation vehicles (buses, Aircraft)
  • Transport Terminals
  • Warehouse and Cargo Areas
  • Equipment Storage and Laydown Yards
  • Classrooms
  • Search of persons

Government Clients

  • Schools – Student lockers, common areas, classrooms
  • Municipal Government Facilities

Private Clients

  • Private Residences – rooms of interest, personal vehicles
  • Special Events – Entertainment Events



orientation-search-s.jpgCanine Search Consulting

Not sure if Controlled Substance Canine Detection will work for you?  PVA Canine Services offers a complete consulting service.  We can assess your unique workplace or facility, your operations and specific concerns to identify how a canine detector program can most benefit you.

Already have a canine detector dog program in place?  We can complete an on-site operational assessment, conduct in service training and detector dog team validation based upon the standards used by the RCMP Police Dog Service.


Service Area

We currently primarily provide service within the Province of Alberta and Western Canada.