Why Choose PVA Canine Services?

At PVA we recognize that a truly effective canine search program is multi-faceted.  The work does not end after a positive hit from a trained detector dog – it has only begun.  We offer a full complement of services making full use of our extensive law and drug enforcement training and experience. Our services include:

bullet.png Follow-up searches of personal effects, camp rooms, vehicles and any other areas positively indicated by our dogs.  This includes the use of drug detection kits to positively identify drug residue.  We use our years of drug enforcement experience to locate drug paraphernalia and items related to drug use such as drug test cheating products   synthetic urine, whizzinators and detox products - as well as illicit prescription drugs.  We know where to look and what to look for in all environments including vehicles and personnel effects.

The reality of the drug use world is that these items constantly change with the evolution of new drug use trends.  We have successfully located and identified paraphernalia such as apple cores, twigs, driver’s licences and a host of other items that routinely escape the notice of inexperienced search personnel.  We have successfully identified trace drug contamination that has escaped detection by other security personnel. We continue to train and work with active law enforcement personnel to keep up with the constantly changing illicit drug culture.
bullet.png Investigative Interviews of personnel positively identified during the search process.  We use our law-enforcement training and experience to complete pre-search check lists and monitor responses to pre-determined questions to obtain additional information that can greatly assist in focusing or directing the investigation after a positive dog hit.

Workers who are contravening corporate A&D policies will behave deceptively and are highly aware that their behaviour can have serious negative consequences.  The use of detector dogs rarely results in the identification of individuals who are in physical possession of controlled substances.  Substances are usually recovered in locations where they cannot be linked to a specific individual without further investigation.  When a trained detector dog positively indicates a person or personal effects it is usually the result of residual drug contamination.  Again, significant additional investigative steps are required to gather enough additional evidence to support specific provisions of corporate A&D policy being invoked.
bullet.png Complete Investigations are our speciality.  We document all search outcomes/actions in detailed occurrence reports including photographs as well as assisting with seizure of controlled substances and paraphernalia and liaising with local authorities to properly dispose of seized controlled substances/paraphernalia.

Complete proper documentation of the entire search process and follow-up investigation is absolutely essential in order to minimize the potential for official union and/or legal action by personnel who have been the subject of disciplinary action as a result of a positive dog search.
bullet.png Positive Results are delivered through our complete approach. 

The chart below outlines A&D occurrences at a PVA Canine contracted site. The red portion shows positive dog hits where follow up searches resulted in additional actions being taken against one or more subject personnel.